2021 Instagram Benchmarks Report

How do your influencer marketing campaigns stack up?

See how your influencers and campaigns are performing compared to the industry standard. Get Instagram benchmarks based on first-party data from over 37,000 collaborations.

What’s in the Benchmarks Report?

In this report, you’ll get an overview of how influencers with different follower sizes are reaching and engaging their followers on Instagram. You’ll find both industry and country specific performance benchmarks for engagement rate, reach rate, and engagement rate on reach rate

Why benchmark the performance of your influencers and campaigns?

The benchmarks in this report will enable you to:

At TRY, we collaborate closely with inzpire.me to find the right influencers for our clients. Not only do we use the platform to book the influencers, we also collect data insights before and after we run campaigns

The inzpire.me Benchmarks report is very helpful for us in this respect. Not only for analyzing results after a campaign is completed, but also to give us an indication of the influencers’ overall performance.

Anine Andrea Namork

Performance Consultant

Compare your influencer marketing performance to the world’s leading brands.