Build a business case for influencer marketing in your agency

Convincing your agency to offer influencer marketing requires careful planning and research. This kit contains everything you need to convince your agency to get on board!

Why you need to build a case

You have clients that want to work with influencers. But currently, your agency doesn’t have the capacity.
This means you’re missing out on the opportunity to get better results for them and close bigger client budgets. But convincing your manager can be hard.

You need to build a business case! 

Meetings and conversations will only take you so far. You need cold hard facts that you can share in a convincing way. That’s what this kit helps you do. To present your case in a data-backed way and create a clear plan of action.

In this kit, you'll get:

Managers and clients like when you backup your ideas with competitor research. If you can show that competition has done something similar and it was successful, it’s a perfect push for your idea.

Tihana Drumev

Senior Content Marketing Executive

Download your kit and start building your case for influencer marketing!