How Telia and Carat grew brand awareness by 50% with


We’ve worked with for a few years now. We’ve always gotten relevant, quality content from their creators, which we could never have produced ourselves!

We’re not surprised that the brand lift study proved that we received great results in our target group, specifically in brand favorability and awareness of our leading unlimited data offer, Telia X.

Morten Skjelbred

Event, Engagement, & Content Manager

Challenge 1
Challenge 2

The challenge

Telecommunications is a hyper competitive industry, with expensive customer acquisition costs and a historically low net promoter score.

Because Telia’s core offering is an annual contract, staying relevant and top-of-mind year-round is crucial to their success.

Telia, along with their media agency Carat, wanted to position their brand as the dependable solution for young people to connect with loved ones or discover new experiences. Our team was brought on to help them achieve this with influencers.

For the campaign, Telia’s goals were to:

The approach

To help boost brand awareness, our team recognized that the key to success would be to reach the right target audience with great visuals and clear messaging about Telia X.

By combining data and hands-on expertise, we found influencers who had quality content, relevant audiences, high engagement, and more. Several high-performing influencers from previous campaigns with Telia were also shortlisted for the campaign.

Once the influencers were selected, the next step was developing a content strategy that drove measurable results.

A core benefit Telia wanted to get across was the ability to use their service anywhere. To do this creatively and effectively, we asked the influencers to create content outdoors in a clear campaign brief.

approach has been a great partner for us over time. They’ve given us the opportunity to reach an important target group – the youth – in a way we couldn’t have without their help.

The team is professional and experienced, and has given us any insights we needed along the way!

Charlotte Arnesen

Media Advisor

The results

The campaign was a massive hit! In addition to achieving the results below, we also partnered up with an independent measurement company, Group RFZ, to conduct a custom brand lift study. We wanted to prove, concretely, how this campaign impacted Telia’s goals.

The study showed the campaign led to a significant uplift in awareness and consideration. The results emphasized the success behind our content strategy and influencer selection. 


Pieces of content




Impressions delivered


People reached

Unaided brand awareness was 50% higher in the exposed group.

Unaided Awareness of Telia

Participants in the exposed and control groups were asked the following question:

Thinking about telecom companies, which comes to mind? Please type all the brands you can think of, one name in each box.

The group that was exposed to the influencers’ content recalled Telia at a level 23 points higher than the control group.

What this means

The ambassadorship was successful in improving brand recall. The participants were able to automatically associate Telia with the telecom industry without any prompting.

Awareness of Telia’s unlimited data packages experienced a 24% lift.

To determine how familiar participants in the exposed and control groups were to Telia’s brand attributes, they were asked:

To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements about Telia? Possible answer choices included: strongly disagree, somewhat disagree, neutral, somewhat agree, and strongly agree.

The best performing attribute was “Telia offers unlimited data,” which experienced a statistically significant 14-point lift.

What this means

The core message of the campaign resonated well with the participants. They read, understood, and retained the fact that Telia offers unlimited data.

Brand Attributes: % Net Agree

Brand favorability raised by 20% among those most likely to give tech recommendations.

Brand Favorability Recommenders

To measure brand favorability among people who are those likely to recommend technology to their friends and family, the exposed and control groups were asked:

How favorable are you to the following telecom companies? Possible answer choices included: very unfavorable, somewhat unfavorable, neutral, somewhat favorable, and very favorable.

Brand favorability for Telia among the exposed group saw a 13-point lift.

What this means

The influencers were successful in sharing content that connected with those who are likely to give their family recommendations on technology.

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