How Stadium launched a viral campaign that reached 2 million people

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Since creators were working with us long term, they really understood exactly what kind of content we were looking for and did an amazing job of incorporating the items naturally in their feed.

This ambassadorship allowed us to build longer lasting, stronger relationships with creators. We also got some amazing testimonials from creators at the end of the campaign – they wouldn’t have been as authentic with a one-off campaign.

Jenny Ballin

Social Media Manager


The objectives

More and more users are flocking to Instagram to find inspiration on products to buy. But producing enough content to attract their attention is expensive and time-consuming.

Stadium knew they needed a way to get fresh, creative content frequently to engage potential buyers. So they turned to to work with influencers and scale their content production.

For the ambassadorship, Stadium’s goals were to:


The approach

We set out to find 21 lifestyle, fitness, and outdoor influencers in Finland for a 7-month ambassadorship program. Because this was a long-term collaboration with Stadium, we knew that a crucial factor for success was finding the right ambassadors.

Our strategy was to test potential ambassadors in two one-off campaigns. They were first evaluated for content, engagement, brand fit, and more, before being shortlisted for a campaign.

We then measured their performance, and selected the ones who created great content and performed well above our benchmarks to be ambassadors for Stadium.

The creators in this ambassadorship matched our goals and needs. We’ve worked with them a lot before in previous campaigns, so was able to suggest creators who performed best based on their performance and content for this ambassadorship.

We aligned well with the team at, so they had a really good idea of the kind of profiles we were looking for. By understanding the Stadium brand values, and also what makes a good creator, was able to select great ambassadors for us!

Jenny Ballin

Social Media Manager


The results

Our strategy delivered! The campaign overperformed on both results and content. The influencers smashed our benchmarks, and produced 184 more pieces of content than expected – with two of them going viral!


Engagements, 2.3x our benchmarks


Reached, 14.7x our benchmarks


Engagements on posts
reshared by Stadium


Impressions delivered

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