How helped Stadium achieve 3.8 million impressions with diverse influencers

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It was extremely important for us to be inclusive in this ambassadorship, to show that movement is for all. We wanted this to be reflected in the creators that represented us. rose to the challenge! They were successful in finding us a great group of diverse influencers, and helped us build relationships with them.

I also had weekly catch-ups with the campaign manager throughout this ambassadorship. The consistent communication kept me fully updated and in control of the campaign, without needing me to invest too much of my time.

Sanna Kankainen

Social Media Producer

The challenge

Stadium is Sweden’s largest sports chain, with about 160 stores across Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. They wanted to position themselves as the go-to place for anyone who strives for an active lifestyle, no matter what their personal circumstances are.

To achieve this, they reached out to to create an ambassadorship with a diverse cast of influencers. Stadium wanted them to inspire more people to get moving, and show that everyone should have the opportunity to live an active life.

For this ambassadorship, Stadium’s goals were to:

The approach

Our customer success team worked with 31 influencers on Instagram over 9 months. This allowed Stadium to test a wide range of influencers for the ambassadorship, to ensure they performed well, and more importantly, were brand-relevant.

To make this ambassadorship a success, our strategy was to focus on 3 elements:

Finding diverse influencers: To get out Stadium’s message that movement is for everyone, our team looked for a diverse range of influencers, including those of different gender, ethnicity, disability, body shapes, interests, fitness levels, and stages of life. This allowed the influencers to share the many ways they stay active in their daily lives, and ensured anyone could connect with their stories.

Keeping promotions authentic: Because Stadium wanted to showcase various products to their target audience, our team gave the influencers a monthly theme to follow. The themes were catered to their Instagram profiles. This allowed the influencers to focus on what was natural to them, so they could create content that resonated with their followers.

Building relationships with brand-relevant influencers: Our team evaluated the influencers on a monthly basis to see how well they fit Stadium’s brand. They were reviewed for performance, high-quality content, and above all else, storytelling. The influencers who best-communicated Stadium’s values were used for long-term collaborations.

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The results

The influencers went above and beyond for this ambassadorship! They created 428 pieces of content for Stadium, which they reused on their social media. 

The creators also achieved:


Total audience


Total impressions


Engagement rate on reach


CPM, which is 16% lower than our benchmark

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