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It’s a pleasure working with The platform is easy to use, and we present it to our clients with confidence and pride. The team is dedicated and passionate, and they truly know what they’re doing. The accounts we’ve built up with their help was lifted by the creative, high-quality content from influencers.

Working with is the perfect way to build a brand safely and efficiently, and we couldn’t be more pleased!

Ida Holstad Helgesen

Ida Holstad Helgesen

Digital Advisor

The challenge 1

The challenge

With the demand for influencer marketing on the rise, the team at S360 was ready to offer it as a service to their customers. But to execute campaigns successfully, they needed to find a solution that was data-driven, efficient, and easy to use.

For S360, having access to data is crucial. As an agency, they strive to share recommendations with their customers that are based on data, not assumptions. They were frustrated that most solutions out there didn’t meet this criteria.

S360 also believes in the power of content. They run content-driven campaigns for their customers, but find the process to be time-consuming and expensive.

They saw an opportunity to scale content production with influencer marketing. So it was vital that the solution they used allowed them to easily own and redistribute content.

The solution

The S360 team brought forward as a solution that would offer:

First party data: The influencers’ audience demographics, engagement, reach, impressions, and campaign performance are fetched directly from Instagram via their API, so they could avoid any inaccurate estimates.

Automated content delivery: The S360 team could simply edit campaign brief templates for specific content usage rights. The content in campaigns would also be automatically uploaded to their accounts in real-time, ready for reuse.

Based on these core factors, was chosen as the best solution for their needs.

Trio 1
Life with square

Life with

After deciding to move forward with, the S360 team was eager to get started.

To make the set up as seamless as possible, they attended customized workshops for training on everything, from drafting campaign proposals to using the platform to manage campaigns.

They were also able to launch their first campaign with a customer success member at their side – to walk them through the steps, solve any problems, or answer any questions they had.

The S360 team now has the skills, expertise, and confidence to run campaigns with “a quick turnaround,” which “is essential” to their clients.

We chose the platform to manage our clients’ influencer marketing campaigns because of several decisive factors. It was their price, service level, and large number of diverse influencers, as well as the fact that we own the creatives produced during a campaign.

Most importantly, it was the fact that is a technology-based company that focuses on providing customers with data and insights.

Janne Gjessing

Team Lead

The results

Since they started using, the S360 team has delivered creative campaigns to their customers – with extraordinary content and results.

One of those clients was Synnøve. S360 ran a campaign with 6 influencers on TikTok – the first in their industry.

The campaign was a smashing success! As an industry first, Synnøve engaged with audiences their competitors weren’t reaching. They also received 6 fun videos that put their products in focus.

With videos regularly popping up in users’ feeds, Synnøve’s videos continue to get impressions. Their CPM is now €1.39 – €0.37 cheaper than before!


CPM, which continues to drop


Views, which continue to increase

The results

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