How REMA 1000 launched a hyper-local campaign with

It was important for us to find influencers that could help us reach and engage a local audience, and did just that!

What makes so unique is their platform and campaign process. They were able to use their technology to identify hyper-local influencers for this campaign, and delivered us great content and measurable impact!


Social Media Manager

The challenge

REMA 1000 launched a campaign, “Hverdagskuttet,” to cut prices of over 100 everyday products in their stores. To promote it, they wanted to help them run a campaign with hyper-local influencers to drive traffic into REMA 1000 stores across Norway.

REMA 1000’s goals were to:

The approach

Our customer success team worked with 19 creators across a diverse range of categories, and specific regions in Norway. This allowed the influencers to highlight various promotional products that were relevant to their audience and available in local REMA 1000 stores.

To make this campaign successful, our team knew the key was to:

Find local influencers: Our team used the platform to find influencers whose highest following was located in cities in relevant regions created by REMA 1000, such as Nordland, Midt-Norge, and Sør.

Creatively promote REMA 1000: The creators published Instagram posts, stories, and reels showcasing 3 to 5 products from the “Hverdagskuttet” campaign. They were asked to use different themes, such as “dinner with family” and “quick and easy,” to ensure their content was relevant and resonated with their audience.


The results

The campaign was a hit! The influencers were proud to partner with REMA 1000, so they went above and beyond by delivering 3x more content than expected – with REMA 1000 receiving a total of 177 pieces of content.

The creators also achieved:


Total audience


Total impressions


Engagement rate on reach


CPM, 40% lower than our benchmark

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