How miinto achieved over 1,100 sales with influencer marketing

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We worked with 16 creators who contributed over 100 deliverables in the campaign. This effort resulted in a 56% increase in conversions (over 1,100 orders), which historically is the best return on ad spend (ROAS) we have ever had from influencer marketing.

The largest impact from the campaign was definitely the 5x increased engagement and uptake in direct conversions.

Jan Hagen

Head of Marketing

The objectives

The objectives

The fashion industry is a notoriously competitive market, but miinto gained an edge by growing quickly and successfully through Facebook ads.

Our objective was to help them build on their success.

With Black Friday quickly approaching, we planned to use influencers to raise awareness of their 25% off “Blackout” sale. We needed to cut through the noise and reach miinto’s target audience of females between the ages of 25 and 34 years old.

For the campaign, miinto’s goals were to:

The approach

With all this in mind, our customer success team found 16 fashion and lifestyle creators who have excellent audience fit and could create high-quality content.

To maximize the impact of the campaign, we created a 2-step strategy.

Step 1 was all about building awareness. We had the creators showcase miinto’s latest fashion lines in their content leading up to their “Blackout” sale.

But it wasn’t all about impressions – we wanted to bring in sales too.

To achieve this, step 2 was about synchronizing the creators’ content around the sale. We ensured the content all had clear calls to action and showcased the 25% discount code prominently.

The approach
The results

The results

The campaign was a wild success! It far exceeded the conversion goals, and resulted in the best results miinto has seen with influencer marketing.


Orders directly from influencers


Increase in number of conversions


Increase in engagement across social and web properties

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