How helped Haglöfs raise awareness of their new product with outdoor enthusiasts


At Haglöfs, we have a clearly defined target audience, and are very particular about the influencers we want to associate with our brand. For this campaign, helped us effectively navigate and identify the best influencers to support us. The process was efficient and professional, and allowed us to stay in control of who we teamed up with.

Line Rybø

Country Marketing Manager – Norway

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The challenge

Haglöfs was founded in 1914 in Sweden, and is one of the world’s largest outdoor equipment brands. They provide people with gear and clothing that handles wear and tear, to help make their challenging adventures worthwhile.

Haglöfs teamed up with to work with influencers who have a passion for exploration to kickstart the launch of their new jacket, L.I.M. (“less is more”) Comp. They wanted the influencers to inspire their audience to get out into the great outdoors and create adventures of their own!

Haglöfs’ goals were to:

The approach

Our customer success team knew how important it was for Haglöfs to work with the right influencers to represent their brand. That’s why they carefully selected 23 influencers who were enthusiastic about the outdoors, and had an audience that was too.

To achieve Haglöfs’ goals, our strategy was to get the influencers outdoors with L.I.M. Comp jackets of their own, so they could test them out and share first-hand experiences with their followers. Doing this enabled the influencers to talk about key features they liked about their jackets in an authentic way. It also allowed them to capture the many ways the L.I.M. Comp jackets could be used.

On top of that, the influencers were encouraged to share stories of their adventures, to help inspire their followers to go on their own!

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The results

By finding the right influencers for the campaign, our team was able to successfully raise awareness of Haglöfs’ L.I.M. Comp jackets! The influencers created 130 pieces of quality content showcasing the jackets in a relevant context and highlighting their key features.

The influencers also achieved:


Total audience


Total impressions


Average engagement rate


CPM, which is 28% lower than our benchmark

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