How helped Freia reach 456,000 baking enthusiasts with influencers

We worked with a dedicated campaign manager who suggested a variety of influencers that suited our brand well, and helped us reach our objectives. It was also a good experience reviewing all the influencers’ content along with the team!


Brand Manager, Grocery & Ref. Bev 

The challenge

Since 1889, Freia has been manufacturing chocolate for Norwegians to enjoy. Their most popular baking chocolate, Freia Dronningsjokolade, celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2021.

To mark the special occasion, Freia, along with their agency Wavemaker, wanted to run an Instagram campaign that highlighted the chocolate and how it could be used to make incredible cakes and desserts — as it has for generations!

Freia’s goals were to:

The approach

Our customer success team activated 15 influencers across Norway to share their favorite recipes featuring Freia Dronningsjokolade. To highlight the many different ways the chocolate could be used, the influencers were asked to create Instagram posts, reels, and stories with 2 themes: treats for everyday and for special occasions.

To make this campaign a success, our team’s strategy was to:

Find credible influencers: To ensure Freia reached a relevant audience, only influencers with a high number of Norwegian followers were invited to join the campaign. The team also reached out to well-known food-centric influencers who were seen as credible sources of inspiration for baking!

Unleash influencers’ creativity: Because most Norwegians grew up with Freia, our team wanted to give influencers room to share creative, personal recipes and stories with their audience. And the influencers rose up to the challenge! Some influencers shared recipes they made with their family as a child, while others created winter-themed treats.

The results

The influencers’ mouth-watering content hit the mark with their followers! In total, 137 pieces of content were created, with an average engagement rate on reach of 5.0%. Many of the posts were also saved on Instagram — meaning the content not only resonated, but will continue to drive impressions as users come back to it again in the future.

The influencers smashed our campaign targets, and achieved:


Total audience


Total impressions


Saves on Instagram posts


CPM, which is 58% lower than our benchmark

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