How Fabel generated 38% more content than expected using

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It was important for us to use creators who were both interested in literature and who could recommend Fabel in a genuine way. All the creators made very good content and were professional and creative. I have experienced as a very professional and committed partner.

Eva Michelet Berntsen

Marketing Manager

The challenge

Fabel is a Norwegian subscription service that provides you with thousands of audiobooks to entertain you — whether you’re hiking in the mountains, or waiting for a train!

They wanted to collaborate with book lovers to create quality content, helping to promote them as the platform of choice for audiobooks.

To help spread the word about Fabel’s services, they turned to to run an influencer marketing campaign. Their goals were to:

The solution

Our customer success team set up an “always-on” campaign with Norway-based influencers to post 1 post and 4 stories monthly on Instagram for 16 weeks. A mixture of medium to larger sized profiles were used to generate the most brand awareness possible. 

To help Fabel achieve their goal, our strategy was to focus on:

Picking the right influencers: Fabel wanted to work with book lovers to drive inspiration for audiobooks and target an audience that was over the age of 25.

To make sure the right influencers were chosen, our team looked for profiles that showed a genuine interest in books. They also used the platform to verify the influencers’ core following was in Fabel’s target age group. 

Generating great content: The content had to be relatable to Fabel’s target audience, so our team had influencers create weekly stories showing how they’ve integrated Fabel into their daily lives. In these Stories, the influencers were encouraged to talk about the books they were listening to during outdoor activities or boring tasks.

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The results

The campaign was a big hit!

Fabel received nearly 40% more content than expected. The creators chosen for the campaign were able to produce creative and authentic content, sharing their audiobook recommendations in a variety of environments. 

And on top of that, the content resonated well with Fabel’s target audience, leading to some great results.


Total audience


Total impressions


Total engagements


CPM, 16% lower than our benchmark

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